Day 3 – Italian Podium

It’s brazilian showtime again: Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araujo sets the new WR in the S2 50m fly (56.62), while his teammate Talisson Glock wins gold (S6, 31.94, 893 pts).

In the 100m Fly the winners are Gabriel Bandera (BRA, S14, 55.68, 1016 pts) and Carlotta Gilli (ITA, S13, 1.05.23, 903 pts).

The last shot of Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araujo in the 150m IM, gold medal and S2 world record in 3.47.04 (1018 pts)

Among the women, the gold medal goes to Lidia Vieira da Cruz (BRA, SM4, 3.06.94, 773 punti).

Dos Santos Araujo sets also the best male performance of the meeting 53.08 in the 50m free

with 1071.00 pts. Best female performance for Michelle Alonso Morales, (ESP, SB14 100 Breast, 01:15.72, 1016.00 pts).

Brazil also leads the medal table with 16 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze; then Italy (10-7-8) and Colombia (1-4-1).

The speaker, the voice of the event:

An effective speaking service is one of the keys to the success of a sport event. In Lignano this service is provided by Enrico Cardinale e Lucrezia Foschia, former swimmers at their debut with Para Swimming.


How did you get involved with the World Series?

Enrico: We’ve been “hired” by the Italian national para swimming (FINP): an international event, the best swimmers in the world… We didn’t give it a second thought!

Lucrezia: I should have been here for the saturday morning session only to replace Enrico, but since I was here, I never wanted to leave! We thought that the two-voices format could work well, so here we are!


Did you enjoy the meeting? Do you think to work again with Para Swimming?

Enrico: Yes, of course! We’re already looking on the next events, we’ll be ther for sure.

Lucrezia: These days we’ve received a lot, both professionally and personally. For people who love swimming like us it’s impossible not to be charmed by the sport.

Day 3 – Morning – World Series Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022

The morning session starts with the Italian hat-trick in the 400m free: Antonio Fantin (4.56.39 S6, 1005 points), Federico Bicelli (4.40.43 S7, 987 pts and national record) and Simone Barlaam (4.16.23 S9, 964 pts).

In the other morning final, another Italian gold medal with Giulia Terzi (S7, 5.16.53).

Double world record in the S2 50m fly heats: first Bruno Becker Da Silva (BRA, 1.00.70), then Gabriel Geraldo Dos Santos Araujo (BRA), more and more man of the event with an astonishing 57.21!

Dos Santos Araujo is now definetly in beast mode and sets the third WR of the day: 3.47.04 in the SM2 150m IM.

Brazil also wins solo the two mixed relays 4×50 (2.30.08) and 4×100 (4.27.66, WR) free.

Brazil leads the medal table with 12 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze, but Italy is moving up with 8-6-5. For the third place there is a struggle among Colombia (1-2-0) United Kingdom (1-1-1) and Spain (1-1-0).

World Series Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022 – Athletes interviews

Day 2

Even Saturday morning, Brazilian swimmers are on fire. Two news American records, set by José Ronaldo da Silva (100 S1 back, 3.02.68 lowering his own personal best of 3.03.18) and Joao Pedro Brutos de Oliveira (100 SB14 breast 1.05.57, lowering the former record of the teammate Gabriel Bandeira 1.06.31), Gabriel Geraldo Dos Santos Araujo (50 S2 free 55.45, former 55.52).


In the second day of competition, more countries climb out the podium. In the A finals Simone Barlaam (ITA, S9, 1.02.98) and Poppy Maskill (GBR, S14, 1.09.12) wins gold in the 100m back.

In the 100m men breast, Carols Serrano Zarate (COL, SB7, 1.11.53) wins gold, Joao Pedro Brutos de Oliveira (SB14, 1.04.93) wins silver and set a new American record; Michelle Alonso Morales (ESP, SB14, 1.15.72) wins gold among the women.

In the 50m free, gold medals for Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araujo (S2, 53.08, new American record) and Mariana Ribeiro (BRA, S9, 28.58).

In the last race of the day, Efrem Morelli (ITA, SB3, 50.15) and Patricia Pereira dos Santos (BRA, SB3, 1.01.71) win gold in the 50m breast.


To this day 10 American records have been set.

Brazil leads the medal table with 10 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze medals in front of Italy (6-4-4) and Colombia (1-2-0).

Day 2 World Series Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022


How’s it going with this Italian Leg of the World Series?

I’m very familiar with this place, with the competition, with Italy. The location is very comfortable, with all the venues and services close together. It’s a strange season: the city closed, this few people around, but everything is good for training and classification.


You have a great experience as a classifier. How it’s Para Swimming growing over the years?

As a former athlete and swimmer I’m very happy to see that everything develops in a very good way: athletes are better trained, more focused, there is more money for the organizations and the athletes -this is very important, so they can pursue their swimming career. The International (IPC) and the National (NPC) Paralympic committes, and the governements, should support them because they represent their countries. Of course there are some things that need to be corrected, but I’m very happy of this development.


How did the Covid pandemic affect your job as a classifier?

As classifiers we need to travel, we travel worldwide and every country has its Covid rules and regulations. We need to adapt and respect all these rules. Sometimes you have to test at every connection, sometimes you don’t have direct flies… It’s difficoult, and when you arrive there are more rules, you have to live in the bubble. Tokyo has been a great challenge. Of course we prefer a free environment. In the last two years we’ve had less opportunities to classify, and this is not good.


Why did you choose to become a classifier?

This is a very interesting question. I used to be a swimmer, and I do my job for the swimmers. As a former swimmer I am aware that the classification is a big issue, and I try to reassure the swimmers that I know what I am doing and that I am here for them and I know the matter better than anyone else. I do it for the athletes. I work to create the fairest possible environment. It’s a very difficult job. Sometimes people do not understand: we are volunteers who leave our families and our jobs, but we keep doing it for the love of the sport


Firs final and records

At the end of the first day of the Lignano Sabbiadoro Para Swimming World Series, the Brazilian national team leads the medal table with 8 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, ahead of Italy (3-3-3) and the Netherlands (1-0-0).


Daily best performances: Gabriel Geraldo Dos Santos Araujo (BRA) with a double American record in the S2 100 free, breaking the 2 minutes wall (1.58.75, 1068 points); Xenia Francesca Palazzo (ITA) in the S8 100 free (977 points).

Four more American records have been set: Fabiola Ramirez (MEX, S2 200 free, 5.36.76), Lidia Vieira da Cruz (BRA, S4 200 free, 3.13.91), Jose Ronaldo Da Silva (BRA, S1 50 back, 1.20.40), Gabriel Feiten (BRA, S1 50 back, 1.21.29).


The afternoon session has started with the greetings of the authorities. Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli Venezia Giulia: “It’s not about para swimming. It’s about a great sport event. A great opportunity for our community, with great economic and social importance. Dozen of Nations, sharing the same arena, fairly competing, in a tragic moment of our history, has a great symbolic value.

Day 1 World Series Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022