The speaker, the voice of the event:

An effective speaking service is one of the keys to the success of a sport event. In Lignano this service is provided by Enrico Cardinale e Lucrezia Foschia, former swimmers at their debut with Para Swimming.


How did you get involved with the World Series?

Enrico: We’ve been “hired” by the Italian national para swimming (FINP): an international event, the best swimmers in the world… We didn’t give it a second thought!

Lucrezia: I should have been here for the saturday morning session only to replace Enrico, but since I was here, I never wanted to leave! We thought that the two-voices format could work well, so here we are!


Did you enjoy the meeting? Do you think to work again with Para Swimming?

Enrico: Yes, of course! We’re already looking on the next events, we’ll be ther for sure.

Lucrezia: These days we’ve received a lot, both professionally and personally. For people who love swimming like us it’s impossible not to be charmed by the sport.