Daniele Rocchi, referee of the Event and the starter

We met Mr. Daniele Rocchi, referee of the Event.

What is your impression as you approach to the last session of this Italian leg of the World Series?

Excellent. It’s the first “real” event after the Covid pandemic, with huge numbers of athletes and great performances. We’re witnessing extraordinary races: world, continental, national records. We’re having a lot of fun, so we hope everybody.

What are the technical peculiarities for Para Swimming?

We must perfectly know the FINA technical rules, that are the foundation of the sport, and the adaptations provided for specific disabilities. The most challenging races for us are the breaststroke and butterfly events, in that these are the most technically complex strokes.

Why did you choose to become a Para Swimming Officier?

Because I love the sport. In this pool you can see the pain, the sacrifices, the work done by swimmers, coaches, parents, and we’re here to help them to collect what they sowed.



How do you become an international official?

World Para Swimming organizes international training courses, I followed one of them in 2016 in Berlin (GER), with theory and practice. Motivations change from person to person: for me it’s a matter of love. Love for the sport, love for the people, love for fair competition. Since I was 14 I work with people with disabilities, so I’m supposed to have a predisposition.

How many officials are needed today?

Tons of! Due to the Covid pandemic a lot of collegues have left, because they don’t like to wear a mask all day long or are afraid of crowded places. We need new entries, anyone interested can contact their National paralimpic committee for any kind of information.