Day 2

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Even Saturday morning, Brazilian swimmers are on fire. Two news American records, set by José Ronaldo da Silva (100 S1 back, 3.02.68 lowering his own personal best of 3.03.18) and Joao Pedro Brutos de Oliveira (100 SB14 breast 1.05.57, lowering the former record of the teammate Gabriel Bandeira 1.06.31), Gabriel Geraldo Dos Santos Araujo (50 S2 free 55.45, former 55.52).


In the second day of competition, more countries climb out the podium. In the A finals Simone Barlaam (ITA, S9, 1.02.98) and Poppy Maskill (GBR, S14, 1.09.12) wins gold in the 100m back.

In the 100m men breast, Carols Serrano Zarate (COL, SB7, 1.11.53) wins gold, Joao Pedro Brutos de Oliveira (SB14, 1.04.93) wins silver and set a new American record; Michelle Alonso Morales (ESP, SB14, 1.15.72) wins gold among the women.

In the 50m free, gold medals for Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araujo (S2, 53.08, new American record) and Mariana Ribeiro (BRA, S9, 28.58).

In the last race of the day, Efrem Morelli (ITA, SB3, 50.15) and Patricia Pereira dos Santos (BRA, SB3, 1.01.71) win gold in the 50m breast.


To this day 10 American records have been set.

Brazil leads the medal table with 10 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze medals in front of Italy (6-4-4) and Colombia (1-2-0).

Day 2 World Series Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022