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World Series Lignano 2022
Photo: Pietro Rizzato © 2022

The italian leg of the 2022 Para Swimming World Series will officially start friday 11th march, but at the Bella Italia EFA Village event venues it’s all hustle and bustle: while the volunteers of the Organizing committee are engaged in setting up the structures and logistics, the swimmers’ classification procedures are begun.

The World Series leg of Lignano Sabbiadoro has nearly 400 registered swimmers from 38 countries, with the enforced absences of renouncing Ukraine and Russia and Belarus, stopped by the organization in accordance to the guidelines provided by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Lignano Sabbiadoro is second only to the Berlin leg for the number of participants.
Italy is of course the largest team with 54 swimmers, followed by Brazil (41) and Mexico (18).

“We can’t wait to welcome swimmers from all over the world” says the LOC President Daniele Zotti “this is a special venue because all the athletes can reach the stands. We still have restrictions due to Covid rules, but it still brings us great satisfaction. We are growing and we are growing both as a number of athletes and professionally at the organization and staff level. I have to thank all the friends and companies who support us and who also make the city and airport as beautiful as the welcome. It will be a fundamental test for our team in preparation for the World Championships, indeed all our medallists in Tokyo will compete”.

The competition will take place in the 50m indoor swimming pool of Bella Italia EFA Village, where the home team of Italy is going to defend the 13 gold medals won in 2021 with a particular eye for the Paralympic champion Antonio Fantin who started his swimming career right here.
Among the foreigners, eyes on Phelipe Rodrigues, Talisson Glock (BRA), Nelson Crispin (COL), Mark Malyar (ISR), Liesette Bruinsma (NED), according to the Italian head coach Riccardo Vernole.

Live results and streaming will be available on the official site, but there are also 200

available at the swimming pool upon registration on the website.