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Photo © Pietro Rizzato 2019 / WPS ITA / FINP

On February 27th today it seems so far away. In front there are months, weeks and days: of training, of days spent struggling, of hours of swimming in the tub. There is time to prepare, to get ready for what is announced as a very important and full of champions. However, come to think of it, that date is not so far off: the athletes know it, who with a red marker have marked on the calendar the day on which the races will start. Those of the COL know that they have been working for a while now so that everything goes well, because everything runs seamless.

Also because the deadlines are incumbent: one, the most important, the deadline for the registrations that has been formalized. Athletes who will be subjected to international classification will have to register by 6 January 2020, while for all other athletes the deadline is set for 19 January 2020.

“The deadlines – says Federica Fornasiero of the COL – remind us that the week of the event is approaching, it is getting closer and closer. We are working because we are aware of the importance of this edition. We expect important numbers, we expect many teams from abroad, we expect great performances. We have changed the dates with respect to our usual locations due to the coincidence with the Europeans: this is because 2020 will be a very important year. Said of the Europeans, the appointment that everyone is waiting for is that of the Paralympics in Tokyo: and the Lignano World Series will be the last chance to get the time to qualify. And then, nothing stirs my mind from the idea that for all of us Italians we will be the team to beat: at the World Championships in London we did something incredible and now we have everyone’s eyes on us. I am sure that the strongest athletes are training hard because they want to beat the Italians: and how much would they like to do it here at home …? ”

Francesco Caielli

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