“Always improving: here is our secret”

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Photo © Pietro Rizzato 2019 / WPS ITA / FINP

Here we are talking about those behind the scenes, those who work in silence and leave the lights to others. Here we are talking about men and women who for months have been damaging their soul – sacrificing, for a bigger dream, evenings, affections and rest – towards the week when everything will become a race. Oliviero Castiglioni is vice president of FINP and together a member of the COL that is organizing the World Series of Lignano. A week ago president Roberto Valori said, speaking of COL, a beautiful and important thing: “We bet on a group of people, and that bet was won”.


Castiglioni: how much did you like those words?

“So much: to me, and to all those who are experiencing this adventure with me. Words that we feel proudly true, because we are touching our path of continuous and constant growth. Three years ago there were five of us, a little scared at the idea of ​​organizing something so big: today we are many, and fear has given way to the awareness of being ready to make a further leap forward.”


Grown: but grown in what?

“All aspects. Three years ago, the IPC gave those who gave us the confidence to organize the World Series, obliging us to meet the very precise and stringent requirements. We have always succeeded in responding to their requests and this continuous and constant challenge has led us to always grow, every day. Because I believe that in our DNA, in my and in those of my partner, there is the desire to always improve. We have grown in communication, we have grown in the management of small things that make the difference, we have grown in the ability to hide problems and enhance beautiful things.”


Will you grow up again?

“This is the goal, even if improving becomes increasingly difficult as the level rises. But we will do it, and we have many things to do to make the event even more beautiful. It will be a particular edition, it will be an edition with many athletes, we come from the extraordinary result of the World Championships in London and we will be a few months from the Paralympics in Tokyo: the organization will be even more complex, starting from the transports up to the management of competitions and awards. But we will be there.”


FINP and COL: how important is your cooperation?

“We feel the Federation is present and very close, in all aspects: without the help of FINP, we could not do what we do. President Valori three years ago asked me to be part of the COL, giving me a show of confidence that I will never forget and for which I want to thank him. We walk on the same road, together we solve problems and together we shake hands when we see that things have gone well and people are happy.”

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