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The pool lights in the Bella Italia village of Lignano Sabbiadoro have been turned off, after the four days in which the strongest athletes in the world gave birth to the Para Swimming World Series. But the emotions are still bright and strong in the eyes and in the heart of those who had the good fortune to be there. In four days exceptional sporting results have been intertwined – three world records – with the most beautiful stories, strong swimmers and at the same time men and women out of the ordinary. In four days we saw the perfect work of the organizers led by the president of the Committee, Francesco Bettella: who secured an event without problems and setbacks (and if there were any, no one noticed). Thanks to all the colleagues who have contributed to spreading, making known, transmitting everything that has been done.

Here, some data of the event:

2,263 athletes per race including the relay races

Best male performance
ANTONI PONCE BERTRAN SM5 Spain 1987 who in the 200 Mixed with 02: 54.47 got 1089, in front of our Antonio Fantin (50 freestyle 1070) and Simone Barlaam (50 freestyle 1055 points)

Best female performance
ALICE TAI S8 Great Britain 1999 that in the 100 Back with 01: 08.99 obtained 1112, ahead of the Russian Anastasia Diodorova (50 back 1039 points) and the Spanish Nuria Marques Soto (100 back 1031)

31 absolute awards including 16 won by Italian athletes
24 awards under 18 of which 7 won by Italian athletes
Italy won both medals: ahead of Germany and GB in the absolute, and ahead of Poland and Germany in the Under.

Italian Cup

1) Polha – Varese 59.130,22
2) S.S. Lazio Swimming Ssd 39.456,11
3) A.S.D. Campani swimmers 32.822,64

Italian Men’s Cup 2019
1) Polha – Varese 44.064,81
2) A.S.D. Campanian swimmers 34.405,46
3) S.S. Lazio Swimming Ssd 28.643,44

Italian Women’s Cup 2019
1) S.S. Lazio Swimming Ssd 20.556,20
2) Polha – Varese 18.331,25
3) Pol. Bresciana No Frontiers 12,860.49

17 Italian records in the Beginners category
17 Italian records for the Boys category
5 Italian Juniores category records

25 Absolute Italian records

6 Asian records

1 European record
BARLAAM SIMONE 2000 J Polha – Varese 00: 54.29 100 freestyle S9

4 World Records
FANTIN ANTONIO 2001 J G.S Fiamme Oro / A.S.P.E.A. Padova 00: 30.16 50 free style S5
BARLAAM SIMONE 2000 J Polha – Varese 00: 24.51 50 freestyle S9
BARLAAM SIMONE 2000 J Polha – Varese 00: 24.39 50 freestyle S5
TAI ALICE 1999 Great Britain 00: 29.43 50 freestyle S8

Staff and volunteers
More than 400 people engaged between staff and volunteers

About 650 people are transported round-trip from airports and train stations. From 25 May to 03 June we made 23,600 kilometers with 12 buses 3 buses and 3 cars driving along roads and highways with multiple unknowns (time, accidents, work in progress etc.).

Thanks Antonio, Daniele, Lucio, Fabrizio, Luca, Giuseppe, Giovanni and the great family of Unitalsi.

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