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Gestures. Thoughts. Shares. Beliefs. Things capable of making a difference, men capable of looking beyond, companies capable of being something else. Behind today’s history there is Aboca: a reality that has succeeded in reaching the dream of caring for people respecting the planet, the dream of a real sustainability and not a facade. A reality that is close to the world of Paralympic swimming and close to the Lignano stage of the World Series, with our athletes who can try and appreciate its products. Not a comfortable closeness, not a simple way to wash one’s conscience: a consequence of a different way of doing business.

“We – says managing director Massimo Mercati – give a little help, which we would like to translate into a feeling of great closeness towards these guys. It is often said that when one is dealing with these realities one learns a lot, and it is more what one receives than what one gives. The truth is that this is not a cliché, the truth is that it is really so ”.

How did you get in touch with this reality?

Thanks to our desire to learn, always and every day. And thanks to our way of understanding daily work, the essence of Aboca. We were born with the desire to strengthen and facilitate contact between man and nature, convinced that all that is natural should have advantages: this philosophy forces us to a constant research work. And in this research we met Riccardo Vernole, one of our in-house training courses: the head of the para-swimming national team.

And what happened?

We talked about group management, energy management. Riccardo told us about his journey, he talked to us about disabled people, but he called athletes, he told us about his experience in their midst. And here is that world, the world of sport for the disabled, has become part of our life: naturally, because it has become part of a vision and a way of thinking.

And which?

We are not talking about disability, or rather: we do not talk about it from a physical or “health” point of view. The disabled person is a person who lives in its context, disability is a social issue that must be addressed in the most correct way.

What would you say is the correct way?

For sure, sport is a fundamental, unique vehicle. Aboca does not work with sport, we never wanted to do it because today in sport it is only the achievement of the result that counts at all costs, regardless of the way in which this result is achieved. Instead here, in that pool of Lignano, everything is overturned.


Because sport is something that makes those who practice it live better, because the sporting result is only an accessory reward of something that is much more important: the social result, integration, physical and mental well-being. And here are these are our values, the values ​​of Aboca: the values ​​that drive us, those that made us take an important step and become a “benefit society”, the values ​​we believe in.

Are you happy, therefore, with the experience you are having?

Very. It is a strong experience, which allows us to reflect on the “why” of what we live and allows us to draw experiences: real experiences, real results. What is needed is there, otherwise it would not make sense to be there.


Francesco Caielli

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