In an image, the emotions and normality of these boys.

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The photos are like the stars: there is no one like the other, they are all different from each other. And they are not different just for how you look at them, no: they are different for what they tell, for what they convey, for their history. Today we tell you the story of a photo, taken by Adriano Boscato during last year’s World Series stage in Lignano: a photo that, a few days ago, was awarded by the competition organized by Caritas of Florence on the theme “Ordinary beauty , ordinary hope “. Here she is. Here’s the picture, and here’s the story. Told directly by those who took that image.

Adriano Boscato says: <Behind a beautiful photo, there are so many components: there is the ability to read situations, to foresee what is about to happen, the attention to detail. And there’s also a good dose of luck, which allows the photographer to be in the right place at the right time>.

So let’s find out what’s behind this shot.

I saw these two girls that were going towards the pool tub, they crossed and they said goodbye: they were both American, obviously they knew each other, I tried to follow them with the camera because something told me something could happen.


And something actually happened.

They were about to enter the water, and this very beautiful scene happened: one of the two helped the other to put on the cap, and she did it in a very natural, very beautiful way. Photography has fixed that moment: there was not a moment before, there would be not a moment later.

What is in that picture?

There is the beauty that these children carry with them, there are their teachings: there is reciprocity, because it happens that sometimes they have to be helped by someone but the opposite also happens. It happens, and it often happens, that they help others, to help us. And above all, behind that photo there is emotion.

Emotion, for whom?

First of all for myself. And then, I believe and hope, emotion in all those who have seen it. This is one of the fascinating miracles of photography: the ability to take the emotion of one person and give it to many others.

How exciting is it to be inside that pool?

So much, sometimes too much. I’m used to photographing, shooting is my job and my passion: but on the first day, for three hours I couldn’t take a picture. I don’t know why: I felt inadequate, I felt embarrassed, it seemed to me somehow to lack respect.

And then?

Then they, the boys, gave me all their normalcy. And I realized that they liked to be photographed, that I was there to talk about their sporting achievements and it was my duty to do it in the best way. The embarrassment is gone, because once you enter this world then you are part of it and you empathize with it.

Beyond his photo, what is the most beautiful image you take inside?

Every smile of those who have lost. I didn’t see an athlete get angry for a defeat, I didn’t see envy and negativity. And when you see a person who is happy to be there, to be there at that moment, then everything becomes magical


Francesco Caielli

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